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Berit Alexandra Standahl founded ALEXANDRA STANDAHL in 2016 and is the creative director of the brand. Her background in interior design, degree in creativity, innovation and business development, as well as in business economics has given her entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge to pursue her drive to create. Berit Alexandra wants to make modest, but genuine things. Products that will last and give meaning. A luxury brand with its own identity and character, with a story to tell. And it all starts with scarves.

The choice of accessory for the brand’s first collection is inspired by the fact that a scarf is probably the most versatile accessory there is, and Berit Alexandra wants to reinvent it by merging Norwegian design with Italian craftsmanship. But she is not just designing scarves for chilly days. She is challenging the status quo of what a scarf can be all about by designing them for all seasons - as a piece of jewellery.

Berit Alexandra is direct, demanding and disciplined. As well as warm, passionate and caring. Her ability to stay true to her ideas, identity and heritage, and her inability to give up, makes her the true force of nature behind ALEXANDRA STANDAHL.